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As any golfer knows, the process of improvement is one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. Rewarding as it may be, it's still frustrating when you can't execute different aspects of the game, or if your scores start to stagnate at a higher point than you're comfortable with. 

Getting your game in shape is a life-long journey. You can speed your progression up with a lesson or two, though. We're going to talk about a few ways of improving your golf game today. 

The ideas below will be a brief introduction to the type of skills that Ocala golf lessons could refine and improve. Let's get started.

How to Play Better Golf

This article isn't for those of you who are already at a pretty low handicap. If you're shooting scores below 80 on a regular basis, in-person work with a club pro or instructor is required. 

For those of you cracking 100 here and there, hoping to break 90 in the next year or two, this is the article for you. Those of us in that position are often decent golfers. 

You hit a few nice shots each round, you've made the occasional long putt or chip in, but you're ready to hone your game. There's a big difference between having a good swing and playing decent golf. 

Our suggestion is to start looking at your course management. Course management is essentially the way you approach playing the course as you go through your round. Many of us simply step up to the tee and swing away without thinking. 

Instead, you should establish a healthy expectation, identify any risk, and find the risk-reward balance that you're comfortable with.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Your standard is, in many ways, established by your handicap. If you haven't been calculating your handicap, odds are that you still have a decent idea of your average score. 

That score reflects how good you currently are. Just because you've hit a birdie on each hole of your home course doesn't mean that you should expect to shoot 5 under! There are far too many variables at play to expect your best all of the time. 

Find your handicap (or estimate it), and play to it. If you shoot your handicap, that's a good day. If you score lower than your handicap suggests, that's cause for celebration. 

Whatever you do, don't get mad at yourself for playing like an amateur. You are an amateur, and that's why you're reading this article!

Bogey Golf & Shot Planning

Let's say that you're looking to break 90. A score of exactly 90 is what's called "bogey golf" because you need to shoot a bogey on each hole to reach that score. 

For beginners and average players, a bogey is not a bad score. In fact, shift your idea of par to that of a bogey. Turn par 3's into par 4's in your mind. 

Turn par 4's into par 5's, and par 5's into par 6's. On this new course you've imagined, you get a score of 90 if you shoot even par. Shifting your mindset in this way does a number of things to refine your course management. 

Try to hit greens in regulation with these adjusted pars. A "green in regulation" means that you reach the green and give yourself the chance to two-putt for par. So, for your new par 4's (par 3's on the scorecard), reaching the green in two shots is the goal. 

If you hit the green in one shot, even better. You can then two-putt for your birdie!

This shifted mindset just gives you a little more confidence and perspective. You can shoot a good score (90) by missing the green on every par-3. When you achieve this goal, you can look at your adjusted scorecard and see 18 pars rather than 18 bogeys. 

Both reflect the same score, but which one will give you more confidence? 

When Is it Time for Ocala Golf Lessons?

Another suggestion is to start looking at the areas of your game that need the most improvement. Do you have a massive slice? Are you shanking balls with your irons? 

Are 2-foot putts knee-knockers for you? These are things that need to be smoothed out. You might be able to wear down those weak points on your own over the course of dozens of rounds.

That said, you can address the issues with a professional and get answers right away. Professional golf lessons are the absolute best way to start getting better. 

A golf swing is really delicate thing. There are so many factors that contribute to the trajectory, spin, placement, and distance of your ball. There are mental and physical aspects to address in equal measure. 

You're in the driver's seat, but it's helpful to have someone look at your swing and tell you what they see. You just have to give up on the idea that you can solve everything yourself!

A little humility might knock that personal best from 90 to 80. All you need is a few lessons. 

Not Sure About Lessons? 

If you're not sure whether you'd like golf tips from a professional, think about a few things. 

First, ask yourself which areas of your game could use improvement. Write them down. Think through each aspect of your last round, from the tee box to the cup. How's your distance control? 

How is your ball flight? Are you putting well? Is chipping a sore subject for you? 

Have you mastered the elusive bunker shot? If you're happy with all those areas of the game, you should be shooting pretty low scores. Keep in mind that professionals have lessons on an almost daily basis

The person you see winning a PGA Championship was likely refining their swing in lessons for weeks leading up to the big weekend. 

Need More Golf Tips?

We hope our look at golf improvement was useful to you. We're here to help you reach the next stage with Ocala golf lessons, though. Your personal best is right around the corner. 

Explore our site for more ideas on improving your golf, getting lessons, playing a round, and more.