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    Adult Tennis Lesson Program

As a Tennis Member at the Country Club of Ocala, you are granted use of 7 well-maintained hard and hydro-courts, in addition to basic overall Membership benefits. We offer a wide variety of opportunities to help enhance your game in the form of instructional lessons our seasoned head tennis professional, interclub tournaments, and fast-paced clinics to work on footwork, hand-eye coordination, and stamina.
Families and individuals can take advantage of Club Membership by enjoying a full array of adult tennis lessons.

Private or Group Lessons for Adults Who Want to Improve Their Game

Choose to learn from a master player with private lessons or catch one of our frequent tennis clinics taught by our friendly, outstanding staff. Both offer incredible opportunities for advancing your game in ways you never imagined!

Your Joints Will Love our Clay Courts

Classic clay tennis courts are the preferred surface for lots of the pros. But everyone loves clay because it’s just so gentle on the knees, the ankles, the back, and the legs. Physical injury is a factor for any tennis player, whether they’re pro, beginner, or somewhere in between. Clay courts reduce the risk of physical injury by as much as 75%.

Staying Cool on the Courts is Easy at The Country Club of Ocala

If you’ve ever played on a hydro court like ours (we have five of them, in addition to two hard surface courts), you’ll also know they stay cooler than other surfaces. Here in Florida, that’s an important advantage!

Professional Instruction & a Friendly Atmosphere Make it Fun to Improve Your Game

Choose a tennis clinic if you love the idea of a fun, friendly class where you can work on your singles or doubles skills with a great bunch of people. It’s a great way to get a workout while you improve your game. It’s cardiovascular conditioning at its best, and you’ll be strengthening your ‘tennis muscles’ as well. Hand-eye coordination gets a workout too!

Whether it’s private instruction or group clinics, our tennis pros are here at your convenience. Call us any time to find out when the next clinic will be or schedule your private lessons today.


  • 1 hr. $20 Member
  • 1.5 hr. $25 Member
  • 2 hr. $30 Member