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    Junior Tennis Program

The Country Club Of Ocala takes its Junior Members earnestly. Tennis clinics for youngsters of all ages (Members) are offered year-round. The Team Members includes one of the best coaches in Central Florida, and the Club embraces the USTA initiative of adapting court size and equipment to a child’s age so they get to rallying, developing skills, and having fun from day one. Whether you are a beginner, social player, or have aspirations of playing on a higher level, The Country Club of Ocala is the place for you.

For additional information on our current session, please contact Mark Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling (352) 237-6644 extension 5.

Red Ball (ages 4-6)

A fun and engaging introduction to tennis using a myriad of colorful teaching aids. Students learn basic tennis fundamentals including stroke basics, hand-eye coordination, movement, and balance.

Orange Ball (ages 7-10)

Players learn tennis basics like groundstrokes, volleys and footwork in an energetic, fun atmosphere through strategic drills and games that focus on fundamental skills, movement, and ball control through feeding and live ball drills.
>Requirements: Young beginner new to tennis, interested in learning the game.

Green Dot (ages 11-13)

Players conquer the basic skills needed to play along with an introduction to strategy and court sense for singles and doubles play. Loads of balls hit and points played with a coach providing immediate feedback.
>Requirements: Basic knowledge of footwork, scoring and the ability to rally 10 x's consistently is a must!

NEW Yellow Ball (ages 13-18)

This clinic is designed for teens looking to fine-tune their game or improve middle/high school match play, all while continuing to have a great time with the sport. Students will be playing an assortment of players of varying skills levels in a fast-paced environment with plenty of pointers from coaches on areas needing improvement.
>Requirements: Intermediate/Advanced players or established players in a school team.

High School Group

An elite Academy featuring the nation's top-juniors and coach. Potential players must obtain permission from the CCO tennis professional to be considered. In addition to stroke production, an emphasis will be placed on strategy, mental game and fitness. This is designed for juniors aspiring for either a professional career or high-level collegiate tennis. All age divisions welcome: 10-18-year-olds. Space is limited to maintain an appropriate coach-to-student ratio.

*Junior Clinics

  • Red Ball (4-6 yr. 45 min.) $15 - Monday/Wednesday 3:45-4:30
  • Orange Ball (7-10 yr. 1.5 hr.) $20  - Monday/Wednesday 4:30-6:00
  • Green Ball (11-14 yr. 1.5 hr.) $20  - Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-6:00
  • Yellow Ball (13-18 yr. 1.5 hr.) $20 - Monday/Wednesday 4:30-6:00
  • High School (2hr.) $25 

*At this time, Juniors may participate in a maximum of two (2) Tennis Clinics as a non-Member before being required to join the Club’s Tennis Membership.