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How to Clean Golf Clubs

How to Clean Golf Clubs

A test showed that a golf club with dirty grooves lost 7mph of ball speed during a shot. More research would be needed, but this is a strong sign that you need to clean your gear.

It is important to learn how to clean golf clubs at home if you golf. Golf clubs become dirty when you use them, and that grime can quickly build up.

Cleaning golf club parts ensures the quality of your equipment. It also guarantees that it will act the way that it should when you go golfing.

Keep reading to find out more about how to clean golf clubs at home.

Cleaning Materials

One good thing about golf club cleaning techniques is that you don’t need anything special. Most people choose to use water and mild dishwashing detergent.

You will also want to have a towel or two that you can use for drying. It is best to get everything that you need to set out so that this process can go quickly.

Most golfers choose to use a toothbrush as they are cleaning equipment. You don’t need to buy anything special since a toothbrush gets the job done.

Fill up a bucket with lukewarm water and allow the dishwashing detergent to get nice and soapy. You may need to soak your irons in this solution for 10 to 15 minutes.

As long as you keep up with cleaning your golf clubs, you shouldn’t need to soak them too long.

Clean the Irons

There are many golf club cleaning techniques that you can take advantage of. A golf club cleaning routine is vital if you want to keep them in good shape.

Soaking your irons is the first part of this process to loosen things up. You will want to then take your toothbrush and begin to scrub at the irons to remove buildup.

Make sure you focus on the grooves where dirt often collects. The longer you soak your clubs, the easier it will be to dislodge debris.

If you need to tackle removing golf club rust, you will need some additional supplies. This can be done with a solution of white vinegar and lemon juice.

In a separate container, mix lukewarm water with vinegar and lemon juice and soak your irons. You may need to soak them for up to three hours if the rust is severe.

Then you should be able to clean them with a toothbrush as you normally would. To keep your golf clubs in good shape, it is important to try to prevent rust by having a golf club cleaning routine.

Some golfers even choose to clean their golf clubs after every practice. This can’t be a great option to prevent dirt from building up and damaging your golf clubs.

The more you wash your golf clubs, the less work it will take.

Clean the Shaft

When it comes to how to clean golf club grips, the process is different. Many golf club shafts are wood and have a glossy finish to them.

These should not be soaked because this could negatively affect the finish and result in chipping. It is also not usually necessary to soak the shaft as it does not make direct contact with the ground.

You can rinse off golf club grips with your soapy water solution. Simply wiping it down is usually enough, but you can also use your toothbrush to work away at any grime.

You can often clean the shafts while your golf clubs are soaking in the water. This allows you to get through your cleaning routine faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes a dirty shaft can start to feel slick and not have a grip to it. You may think that you need to get your golf clubs re-gripped, but a simple cleaning can often replace this.

This brings back the tackiness of the shaft and makes it easier to hold onto. If you feel like your golf club shafts are too slick, try this method before getting them re-gripped.

Dry Everything

Once you have used your golf club cleaning supplies to clean your golf clubs, you need to dry them. It is very important to make sure that your golf clubs are completely dry.

The last thing you want to do is promote rust by not drying off your golf clubs. You can do this with a simple bath towel, making sure you get into all of those grooves.

You also should not put your golf clubs back into your bag after doing this. There is a very good chance that a little bit of moisture may still be left that you do not want to trap.

Instead, sit your golf clubs out in the open for 2 to 3 hours in a warm or sunny place. This allows them to air dry completely so that no water will be remaining.

If water were to get into your golfing bag, it could lead to a musty odor or gross. That is why you should try to keep your bag dry at all times and not put moist golf clubs into it.

How to Clean Golf Clubs at Home

If you enjoy golfing, you may be wondering how to clean golf clubs at home. Cleaning golf club parts is very important if you are frequently golfing and get a lot of use out of your equipment.

Like anything, golf clubs get dirty and need to be maintained. If you do not maintain them properly, they could begin to rust and not allow you to play golf as efficiently.

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