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    Ocala Golf Course Blog

By Sarah Beatovich, CWP
Certified Wedding and Event Planner

Selecting a wedding venue may seem like a daunting task. There can be a lot of pressure in finding the perfect place to host your special day. It may feel impossible to find a venue that complements your style and your wedding’s theme and provides all of your needs, all while fitting within your budget. With so many choices and uncustomary venues emerging, this process sometimes proves to be a bit overwhelming. Golf Course and Country Clubs seem like a nice option to host your wedding, but is this the right choice for you? Here are my top six reasons to get married on a golf course.

  1. Atmosphere
    There’s just something in the air that is instantly peaceful and serene. The collimation of a Golf Course’s iconic scenic views, upscale atmosphere, and stress-free environment make these locations a prime and in-demand wedding venue. Golf Courses feel like a private oasis, set apart from the busy real world that appears miles away. There’s no hustle and bustle, no noisy highways, no towering storefronts, the main focus will be you. The natural surroundings and quietness found at these locations create the perfect spot to tie the knot.
  2. World-Class Cuisine
    Serving an excellent array of food typically scores highly on a couple’s wish list on their wedding day. Golf Courses and Country Clubs employ outstanding Executive Chefs who produce an exceptional and personalized menu for each client. The entire culinary team is highly trained and accustomed to daily catering to top-notch standards. Hosting your wedding at a Country Club will delivery expert quality with ease. You’ll be able to wow your Guests with the highest quality food and world-class service typically reserved for exclusive Members.
  3. Landscape
    Your wedding pictures! Those scenic views! (Need I say more?) Your wedding photos and videography will be the lasting impressions of one of the most important days in your life. Having a breath-taking backdrop while you tie the knot is priceless. Golf Courses have expertly maintained grounds and which make for perfect “I Do” backdrop and newlywed snapshots. You won’t regret taking portraits with flawless greenery, stunning waterfalls, and gorgeous tree lines in the background. Plus, your Guests will also appreciate the many “gram-worthy” locations for this occasion.
  4. Expert Team Members
    Golf Courses and Country Clubs not only employ culinary experts who deliver excellent banquet cuisine, but they also have knowledgeable event and wedding planners. These venues will typically host numerous weddings, birthdays, large banquets, golf tournaments, and countless additional specials events every year. The entire Team Members will undoubtedly consist of seasoned experts with a vast history of event planning who are well-versed in putting on a perfect event. The Event Coordinators on staff will know the ins and outs of hosting an event at this venue, have backup plans and a lengthy list of experience to draw creativity from. Relying on their professional experience and advice will make your wedding day a breeze!
  5. Venue versatility
    Venues on a Golf Course, again will host a wide variety of events throughout the year of various sizes and styles. Country Clubs will have several options for venue space and multiple event locations. The flexibility found in your venue’s versatility will enhance your wedding planning experience by having multiple options and solutions to meet your needs if plans need to be altered along the way. Whether you plan to host a large, elegant affair, or plan to celebrate with a small intimate reception, these venues will accommodate with ease. Additional needs such as multiple ceremony locations, rooms to get ready on site, and rehearsal dinner spaces all can be provided. Having your event centralized in one location simplifies your wedding day - which is the ultimate wedding goal when selecting your perfect venue!
  6. Elegance
    There is a special aroma around Golf Courses and Country Clubs. Catering to an exclusive, high profile Membership, nothing but elegance and perfection will due. The entire Team Members will be accustomed to performing to meet the high expectations of its well-paying Members, thus nothing produced for your wedding will be subpar or short of excellent. From a top-notch culinary experience to an elegantly Professional Wait Team Members, to a well detailed event coordinator, your wedding is sure to be flawless.

For more information on hosting a wedding at the Country Club of Ocala please contact Special Events at (352) 237-6644 Ext. 6 or email Jaimee Hibbs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..